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Task force members worked on revising the document for nearly three years prior to its release. Task Force members included Roberto Abreu, PhD; Gregory Canillas, PhD; Barbara Gormley, PhD; Elizabeth W. Ollen, PhD; Jennifer A. Vencill, PhD; and David Pantalone, PhD.

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Gregory Canillas, assistant professor of clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Psychology Los Angeles campus, said boys are not encouraged to be expressive.

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Five years in the making, the film pieces together the timeline before their deaths using news footage and commentary from those who knew the men, but, like its title, it goes beyond the work of traditional true crime documentaries. With the help of Raniyah Copeland, former president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, psychologist Dr. Gregory Canillas, and many more. 

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To tell its story, “Beyond Ed Buck” features interviews with several notable figures and industry professionals, including Sahar, Raniyah Copeland (former President and CEO of Black Aids Institute), Dr. Gregory Canillas (LGBTQ+ psychologist), George M. Johnson (award-winning author), and many more.. 

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The documentary film is co-executive produced by Jayce Baron and Pose star Hailie Sahar. It features interviews with Sahar, Raniyah Copeland (former President and CEO of Black AIDS Institute), Dr. Gregory Canillas (LGBTQ+ psychologist), and others.. 


Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Beyond Ed Buck features interviews with several notable figures and industry professionals including Sahar, Raniyah Copeland (former president and CEO of Black AIDS Institute), Dr. Gregory Canillas (LGBTQ+ psychologist), and others. 


Beyond Ed Buck, sponsored by Gilead Sciences, features interviews with several notable figures and industry professionals including co-executive producer, Hailie Sahar, Raniyah Copeland (former President and CEO of Black Aids Institute), Dr. Gregory Canillas (LGBTQ+ psychologist),  and many more.. 


It’s definitely going to take some work to unpack the megaton of stress we repressed during 2020. Dr. Gregory Canillas, Ph.D is just the man for the job. Through Soul 2 Soul Global, he’s helped countless couples in dealing with the off-kilter life rhythms and added strain brought on by The Year of All The Bad Things®.


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I know firsthand what it feels like to be part of a marginalized group.

I posed for the NOH8 Campaign because my personal and professional beliefs align with NOH8's mission of global equality for LGBTQ+ persons. As a Black and Filipino....


'It is bleak': How the pandemic economy has affected LGBTQ people.

The pandemic has exacerbated existing issues LGBTQ people face, including discrimination and higher rates of mental health problems.

When it comes to the business sector, LGBTQ-owned businesses have had to improvise to stay afloat, while others have closed, including establishments that serve queer communities. 

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Hidden Gems: Meet Dr. Gregory Canillas of Soul 2 Soul Global.

I currently serve as President & CEO of Soul 2 Soul Global, a company that provides LGBTQ+ couples and parenting retreats and relationship coaching. We also provide premarital SYMBIS Assessment counseling ( to all couples. 


Therapy is something that may be daunting to people who have never considered it before. Some believe that it’s only a solution to a circumstance or situation that has reached breaking point. But, crucially, there are no rules about why or when someone seeks therapy. 

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Two of the worst things anyone could say to an ex is, 'I never loved you,' or, 'Our relationship was a waste of time,'" he says. "Although often spoken in anger, both statements are deeply painful for the recipient to hear." 


Relationships end in all kinds of ways—from amicable to downright acrimonious. But no matter the cause of your breakup, if you are going to communicate with your ex, it's wise to do so with dignity and mutual respect.

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Everyone is stressed and anxious. Restore emotional health with #glaadinstitute alumni.

As people across the country and world prepare to hunker down for the rest of April, the latent anxiety caused by the pandemic is starting to set in. 


Meet Dr. Gregory Canillas of Soul 2 Soul Global in DTLA.. 

I currently serve as President & CEO of Soul 2 Soul, a company that provides couples and parenting retreats. 

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Ask the Experts: Relationships

For couples who have been together for some time, sex often becomes boring or routine.  Sometimes changing up the routine will ignite the passion that you had when you first met.

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Psychologists do initial assessments in an hour and a half. We ask all these questions of people before we come up with a diagnosis 


This interesting, comprehensive text provides students with a good foundation in forensic psychology. The second edition includes new case examples that are relevant to discussions about contemporary issues in law and mental health 

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Gregory Canillas  
 Forensic Psychology   
 Los Angeles


Son of Semele announces the nine exciting artists and solo works that will make up the 2018 edition of its popular Solo Creation Festival, performed at the Son of Semele Theater at 3301 Beverly Boulevard, from July 12 to July 29, 2018.

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A Poem by Gregory Canillas - Flowers.
not once
even though you received them
from me often
fresh, in full bloom
and fragrant 

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Dr. Gregory Canillas’ article (available only in print) offering seven strategies to help foster parents manage stress and prevent burnout, was published in the foster care and adoption magazine Fostering Families Today.